Shahid Butt: Routes to Extremism.

The Modern Thesis

Extremism, radicalisation, terrorism. One hardly goes a day without hearing some mention of the, be it on the news or during play-ground mutterings, everybody knows about it. So often we hear about the young girls who simply disappear off the face of the Earth only to reappear on Fox News one Monday morning as proud “jihadi brides” or the families of twenty strong simply packing their bags for Syria one day with no explanation. Radicalisation: we all know about it… but who actually knows about it?


This guy does.

Shahid Butt, a British Muslim who has had first hand experience with racism, radicalisation and terrorism in the UK. I was lucky enough to meet this man and have him share the story. Now, I’m going to attempt to tell it… as well as I can.

Shadid grew up in Birmingham during the 1960s, a time in which violent racism against his…

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