Month: January 2017

Will the Extremists Win?

Jerusalem Praxis

In 2017, the extremists will win. The question is what moderates—both political and religious moderates—will do in response.

Extremisms of all sorts will dominate the headlines. Self-supremacists of all sorts (whether fixated on race, gender, religion, region, or nation) will seek to make maximalist claims for the sub-groupings of humanity they claim to represent. We will see more “Heil!” salutes and more mob attacks on immigrant taxi drivers.

Those who do not follow the news—the world flowing around them at an ever-increasing rate—will be pushed further into their chosen forms of amusement and distraction. Extremists will dominate the consciousness of those who are paying attention.

The neoliberal haze inaugurated in President Clinton’s 1990s—along with its pervasive sense of achievement and calm—is burning off. The polished veneer is falling away, revealing the rough structures of economy and society underneath.

Extremism has emerged from above and below.

Those who sense that their…

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