Responding to the Far Right

Radical Centre Left

I’ve encountered the far right online as I’ve grown up, be that the BNP on yahoo and msn groups, to the EDL on Facebook and the many anti-jihadists groups (as they call themselves) on many social media platforms.

The only thing in common has been the consistent anti-Muslim rhetoric, often being very crude whilst some of it being intellectual, articulate and eloquent. Post 9-11 many often have the stereotype of the knuckle dragging Neanderthal struggling to articulate their hate whilst vehemently and violently expressing it. The reality has been an interesting mix of the stereotypical racist to those who are articulating their hate in a very intelligent manner.

I’ve been attempting to have conversations with members of the far right for over 15 years. I have come to a number of conclusions, debating isn’t going to change opinions actually it will polarise further and individuals will dig their heels in…

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