Month: January 2016

Terror Alert Systems – useful impact ‘unexpected’

Counter-terrorism matters

The launch of Australia’s new national terrorism alert system last week got me thinking about how and why the intelligence community communicates threats to the public

Specific threats

De-classifying sensitive intelligence to generate a specific warning about a specific threat is vital. Who wouldn’t want to know that their office building, transport route or holiday destination was a terrorist target? This is particularly important for threats against overseas locations, where the issuing Government has (at best) limited control over the identification and disruption of specific threats, or lacks confidence in the ability of domestic law enforcement and intelligence agencies to do so.

Unfortunately however, specific warnings that protect tourists in the short-term can still generate fear, disruption and publicity for the terrorist’s cause. In the worst-case scenario, they may even help achieve the desired outcomes of the attack planners. For example, if the perpetrators of the Tunisian attack aimed to

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The Rise and Fall of Mohammed Emwazi

The Syrian Intifada

By Kyle Orton (@KyleWOrton) on January 20, 2016

Emwazi Emwazi’s eulogy picture in Dabiq

Yesterday, the Islamic State (IS) released their thirteenth issue of Dabiq. Among many things, it contained an admission of death for Mohammed Emwazi (“Jihadi John”). Referred to by his kunya, Abu Muharib al-Muhajir, Dabiq said Emwazi had been hit by an “unmanned drone in the city of ar-Raqqah” on November 12, “destroying the car and killing him instantly.” The biography that Dabiq offered gave some intriguing details, confirming some surmises I had made about Emwazi when his identity was revealed last spring, including his early involvement in an al-Qaeda network in London sending fighters to al-Shabab in Somalia—the thing that brought him to the attention of the security services, confirming that the truth was the inverse of CAGE’s infamous claim that harassment by the MI5 had radicalized Emwazi—and that Emwazi had left Britain to…

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More nasties from Yasir Qadhi

Aldgate Pup

In the previous post Qadhi can be heard discussing some very disturbing aspects of an ‘Islamic state’ during various lectures. I’ve come across some more teachings from the respected Islamic scholar.

Qadhi has complained about the respect shown to gay people in modern society. What would happen to them in Islamic state?

01:06:10 …this is a part of our religion to stone the adulterer and to chop the head off of the sorcerer and so many other things, and to kill, by the way, the homosexual – this is also our religion. The fiqh rulings say that the homosexual be killed, OK? (inaudible comment from audience) I dunno about this one, I’ve heard this but I haven’t studied this in detail but I know that his punishment is death. This is all a part of our religion. This doesn’t mean we go and do this in America but I’m saying if we…

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