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Haitham al-Haddad – Young Muslim girls hanging loose

Aldgate Pup

If you don’t ask you don’t get. Haitham al-Haddad must have had this from drummed into him an early age. There’s no scholar in the UK better than Haddad at asking (or pushing) for the rights of orthodox Muslims to be recognised.

In the video (from a few years back) below he discusses how Muslims should go about getting laws implemented that would make it obligatory for universities, firms and other establishments to provide halal food for their Muslim students/employees. Medical colleges might change the rules to allow women to keep their arms covered if ways around this are put forward by Muslims – this, in turn, would achieve official recognition of the requirements of Islam in the public sphere. And universities are now reluctant to ban face-coverings as Muslim students have shown that this is an essential part of Islamic dress for orthodox Muslim women.

In the first part…

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Tommy Robinson Enemy of the State, or …Is the State your Enemy ? 

Ive never met Tommy Robinson, if I had 5 years or so ago, Id have probably ignored him , straight.  Im not an expert reviewer of books either, but after just completing reading Tommys’ ‘Enemy of the State’ , I felt that it was impossible to fit into 140 characters my thoughts on it.

Fuelled by the lopsided UK media , my previous opinions of Tommy whenever he appeared on TV at the forefront of an EDL rally were ‘ Oh its that bunch of racist football hooligan bigots causing trouble again ‘ .

As EOTS highlights, the EDL did tend to attract a few ‘wrong uns’ and , in his younger days , Tommy got into a ruck or two on Saturday afternoons’ following his beloved Luton Town . Another thing his book also highlights from his younger days is the rapid growth of the Muslim community , not just in Luton , but countrywide and now , Europe even Worldwide.

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Two Can Play the Blame Game

David Paxton

A manstabbed some people on the underground. “This is for Syria” he cried.

Event A occurs, man choosing of his own free will to undertake event B claims it is due to event A. There is apparently no need to examine what each event entails, 1 + 1 = 2 and we therefore all know who is to blame. Why of course, it is David Cameron.

Here are a few from thousands:

Early reports suggest the attacker was North African, which would seemingly make this attack one of Islamic Nationalism rather than a direct response from a Syrian for Syrians. If this turns out to be the case I hope those saying this has ‘nothing to do with Islam’ are not the same people that also claim it is due to us ‘attacking Muslims’.

I’ve written plenty on these ridiculous assessments of causality and here, once again, is Norman Geras

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Haddad – Killing apostates and stoning women comes later.

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Haitham al-Haddad has been busy ripping apart ISIS’ ideology again. The video below features footage of Islam.Net’s The ISIS Crisis event

Chaired by Imran Ibn Mansur (Dawah Man), the debate sees Haddad going up against a ‘Fake Islamic State’ panel which includes Fahad Qureshi (founder of Islam.Net). 

As usual, Haddad’s arguments against ISIS are pretty convincing. Towards the end of the event he argues that ‘so-called extremist speakers’ (those who believe in the concept of the Ummah, the Caliphate, hudud etc.) are in the best position to prevent young Muslims from joining ISIS. This is not an opinion that I necessarily disagree with, but the gulf between Haddad’s strategy to prevent terrorism and that of an organisation like Quilliam exists because of statements like the ones below.

At 48:50 Haddad is asked by a member of the audience if all the actions of ISIS are bad and, if not, which…

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