‘Quiz a Muslim’ – Too late to ask about the Taliban

Aldgate Pup

Abdurraheem Green was one of the panelists at the ‘Quiz a Muslim’ event in Bedford last week. I wonder if he would have been happy to take questions about his views on the Taliban.

In 2001 Green said that Muslims who spoke out against the Taliban were committing a major sin and should not side with non-Muslims:

Another major sin, and it is more than a major sin because these things I am mentioning now are actually acts of kufr and I’m just selecting some, there are many others. In fact, like I said you will find that there is hardly a thing that Allah has prohibited except you find the Muslims doing it. The one thing I thought is worth mentioning, in fact I will say it is important to mention it brothers and sisters especially in this time, is the action of supporting the disbelievers against the Muslims. Supporting the disbelievers against the Muslims…

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