New Look, Old Tactics: Shaykh Tahir-ul-Qadri and the Counter-Extremism Agenda


ShaykhTuqQuilliamExtremismThe last blog I wrote was originally an introduction to this piece. It was meant to provide the context so that one could fully comprehend the gravity of what is to be outlined here. Please do take a read of that first (see here).

I had noted that the model of promoting “moderate Islam” – i.e. an Islam reduced to rituals and subservient to Western interests – was to be promoted using mainly Sufi scholars to give legitimacy to draconian policies. Previously, I have brought to the fact that this model had become resurgent and highlighted Imams Online, which was using traditional/Sufi scholars in a similar fashion to Radical Middle Way: to project a particular narrative of events in the context of Muslims. It was also promoting “scholars” associated with deformation of Islam, such as Khola Hasan, Usama Hasan and Manwar Ali.

Since then, the model has gained…

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