Ten years on – Remembering 7/7

Radical Centre Left

Today is the tenth anniversary of 7/7, it is time to reflect on the day and what caused four young British Muslims to commit such a heinous act. Prior to the day, I would argue until I was blue in the face that a young British Muslim would never commit an act of terrorism on British soil.

I vividly remember that day, I had been in library early that morning typing up my dissertation on “Institutionalised Racism within the police force” and staggered out for a breather and leg stretch. Andy on security was absorbed by the screen in front of him and typically I made some joking comment as I walked across. Andy looked at me and asked if I knew what had happened, I didn’t as I had been hiding away and frantically working in the library since 7am. The first image I saw was of the red bus blown…

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