VIDEO The Prophecy About The Coming Of ISIS, Americans Must Arm Themselves To The Teeth

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June 28, 2015 By Walid Shoebat

Most whom I discuss Islam with, do not understand its complexities and confusions.

Most critics of Islam speak more about the violence and the Sharia. Islam is much more than this, since it was authored by the author of confusion, the devil. It has prophecies meant to confuse the ardent skeptic. For example, Hamza Yusuf, a Muslim scholar condemns ISIS and speaks of Islamic prophecies which condemn ISIS as evil:

The simpleton will say “wow”, here we have a peaceful Muslim giving prophecies where Ali, Muhammad’s nephew, supposedly predicted the coming of ISIS. When ISIS comes, Islam predicts, that Muslims are ordered “to remain in their homes” and “shut the doors”. Islam describes ISIS as “their hearts are like iron” “they will not keep covenants” “their members will not go by their real names and instead use their nicknames and pseudonyms” “they have long…

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