UK: Left-wing Muslim politicial candidate takes selfies in front of Tunisian slaughter site where 38 kafirs died

The Muslim Issue

No outcry from the Muslims in Britain. The usual pin-drop silence, except from a handful tiny tiny few. The rest are celebrating and high-fiving amongst each other.

One of them even found the circumstances to be an excellent photo-op, a souvenir to take home and brag to his friends that he ‘was there’ when a devout Muslim, and an ISIS fan, went on a lone wolf rampage and slaughtered unarmed and sunbathing kafirs.

What is the solution to the rapidly expanding fashion of terrorism, supported by 81% of al-Jazeera viewers around the Islamic world according to a poll? The solution is simple: ban Muslim immigration, close down mosques, ban Islam as a fascist political ideology, begin deporting mosque-attending Muslims, end trade with Muslim countries – especially all oil trade needs to be penalized, not encouraged. End travels to and from Muslim countries and isolate them completely and let…

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