Malaysia: Tourists arrested for stripping ‘naked’ in shorts and bikinis on mountain, accused of causing deadly earthquake

The Muslim Issue

You may laugh yourself silly at the headline, but its real! People refuse to believe how primitive and subhuman the Muslim mindset, culture and attitude is. These tourists refused to believe it, and now they are in prison – in Malaysia where they apply Sharia law.


British woman among four tourists arrested for stripping naked on Malaysian mountain will not be released from her cell for days after locals claimed her antics caused a deadly earthquake

  • British woman arrested was named today as 24-year-old Eleanor Hawkins
  • Her father said: ‘She is upset and scared, but it was good to speak to her’
  • Two Canadian siblings and Dutch man surrendered themselves to police 
  • Earthquake killed 18 climbers on the mountain days after they stripped off
  • Minister blamed foreigners for showing ‘disrespect to the sacred mountain’
Arrested: British tourist Eleanor Hawkins (pictured) has been accused of causing a deadly earthquake after 'upsetting the gods' by stripping naked on a sacred Malaysian mountain

Arrested: British…

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