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UK: Muslim child sex grooming is not isolated to non-Muslims, but a big problem facing vulnerable Muslim girls

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Ruzwana Bashir
‘Ruzwana Bashir bravely came forward about her own experiences of abuse in the Pakistani community, and the cultural issues that have contributed to the idea of shame around those who come forward.’ Photograph: Rex

It’s tiring work being a Muslim in the UK today. If we aren’t being asked to defend the actions of extremists, we are distancing ourselves from the “Asian gangs” who are preying on vulnerable white girls to sexually exploit. The report on the extent of sexual abuse in Rotherham, and the failure of the authorities to protect the young girls they were responsible for is yet another story that has been…

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Lone-wolf Jihad materials and 46K pro-ISIL Twitter accounts flourish on the internet

The Muslim Issue

Bomb-making instructions, execution videos and 46K pro-ISIL Twitter accounts: Path to jihad runs wild online

Catherine Solyom, Postmedia News | June 26, 2015

This Screen grab from an ISIL affiliated Twitter account, taken Sunday, Sept. 20, 2014, purports to show senior military commander Abu Wahib handing a flower to a child while visiting southern Iraq, as part of the group's broad social media campaign. As ISIL battles across Syria and Iraq, it is also waging an increasingly sophisticated media campaign.This Screen grab from an ISIL affiliated Twitter account, taken Sunday, Sept. 20, 2014, purports to show senior military commander Abu Wahib handing a flower to a child while visiting southern Iraq, as part of the group’s broad social media campaign. As ISIL battles across Syria and Iraq, it is also waging an increasingly sophisticated media campaign.

Once on the path to violent extremism, there is no end to what would-be terrorists can find online to solidify their beliefs. It’s all just a few clicks away.

While it remains unclear just how connected Friday’s trio of terror attacks are to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, there is no arguing that the group has made it maddeningly simple for sympathizers worldwide to take up the extremists’…

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UK: Left-wing Muslim politicial candidate takes selfies in front of Tunisian slaughter site where 38 kafirs died

The Muslim Issue

No outcry from the Muslims in Britain. The usual pin-drop silence, except from a handful tiny tiny few. The rest are celebrating and high-fiving amongst each other.

One of them even found the circumstances to be an excellent photo-op, a souvenir to take home and brag to his friends that he ‘was there’ when a devout Muslim, and an ISIS fan, went on a lone wolf rampage and slaughtered unarmed and sunbathing kafirs.

What is the solution to the rapidly expanding fashion of terrorism, supported by 81% of al-Jazeera viewers around the Islamic world according to a poll? The solution is simple: ban Muslim immigration, close down mosques, ban Islam as a fascist political ideology, begin deporting mosque-attending Muslims, end trade with Muslim countries – especially all oil trade needs to be penalized, not encouraged. End travels to and from Muslim countries and isolate them completely and let…

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VIDEO The Prophecy About The Coming Of ISIS, Americans Must Arm Themselves To The Teeth

Reclaim Our Republic

obama ISIS tfernandez
June 28, 2015 By Walid Shoebat

Most whom I discuss Islam with, do not understand its complexities and confusions.

Most critics of Islam speak more about the violence and the Sharia. Islam is much more than this, since it was authored by the author of confusion, the devil. It has prophecies meant to confuse the ardent skeptic. For example, Hamza Yusuf, a Muslim scholar condemns ISIS and speaks of Islamic prophecies which condemn ISIS as evil:

The simpleton will say “wow”, here we have a peaceful Muslim giving prophecies where Ali, Muhammad’s nephew, supposedly predicted the coming of ISIS. When ISIS comes, Islam predicts, that Muslims are ordered “to remain in their homes” and “shut the doors”. Islam describes ISIS as “their hearts are like iron” “they will not keep covenants” “their members will not go by their real names and instead use their nicknames and pseudonyms” “they have long…

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Tunisia: British survivor insist she was wounded by a second jihadi using a small-calibre handgun

The Muslim Issue

How many of our dear readers want to bet that in the turmoil of Jihad, one of the staff members of the hotel or related services got so inspired and full of awe and devotion to Allah that he too began shooting at the hotel guests he was suppose to protect?

That may be a hypothesis, but it’s a very real one to the Muslim psychology. Their sudden change of mind to join jihad is that quick, and that real. Just another reason people need to realize how dangerous Muslim immigration is and why we must insist that they immigrate to a Muslim country, no matter where in the world they try to superimpose their presence, be it Europe, UK, US, Canada, Australia, Israel, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand – you name it.

British media has been trying to portray Muslims in Tunisia like some kind of heroes, and painting…

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Walmart refuses to bake cake with Confederate flag but happily bakes a cake with the ISIS jihad flag

The Muslim Issue

  • Chuck Netzhammer submitted a request for cake featuring photo of the Confederate flag, with words ‘Heritage Not Hate’ printed on it, to Walmart
  • Local store in Louisiana denied request in wake of Charleston massacre
  • Following day, Netzhammer handed in second submission: for ISIS cake
  • Incredibly, Walmart ‘iced the terror group’s black-and-white flag on cake’
  • Walmart has since apologized, saying associate ‘didn’t recognize image’

Walmart has been forced to apologize after it apparently agreed to bake an ISIS-themed cake for a Louisiana customer – just a day after refusing to create a Confederate battle flag cake for him.

Chuck Netzhammer submitted a request for a cake featuring a photo of the Confederate flag, with the slogan ‘Heritage Not Hate’ printed across it, to his local Walmart store in Slidell on Thursday.

The store reportedly denied his request, which was made just a week after…

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Ramadan arson: Six churches burn down within seven days from Georgia to Ohio in suspected arson

The Muslim Issue

SIX black churches stretching from Georgia to Ohio are burned down in seven days

  • Places of worship in North and South Carolina, Ohio, Georgia and two in Tennessee caught fire this week
  • Authorities said three are definitely arson; other three under investigation
  • Congregants of some churches prayed in parking lots instead
  • SPLC’s Hatewatch blog said the attacks ‘may not be a coincidence’
  • This week President Obama reference church burnings as tactic to ‘terrorize and oppress’ black people

A string of black churches have been ravaged by fire in the past week, in what could potentially be a string of racially-motivated arson attacks.

Places of worship in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Ohio were ravaged by flames this week.

Authorities have confirmed that three of the attacks were arson, while investigations are still underway for the remaining two.


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