Thoughts on Rotherham Abuse

1.Officials who remain silent over reported child sexual abuse are no better than paedophiles  #newdaystarts

2.Why has there been no arrests over this scandal? #newdaystarts

3.Wonder if there is a meaningful fully resourced package of support should already be in place for of  #newdaystarts

4.This problem in #Rotherham isn’t religion or race but a culture that shames the victims,not the perpetrators #newdaystarts

5.Trouble is that the community gets the brunt of blame from the public. Police can convict and arrest NOT the community.  #newdaystarts

6. its the blame game everyone says its someone elses fault,they are ALL to blame! #newdaystarts

7.Mark my words. There’s far more to the scandal than has yet come out. #newdaystarts

8.Am I the only person wondering why there is so much attention on political figures rather than trying to catch the criminals? #Rotherham #newdaystarts

9.What with all thats going on in Rotherham and the heightened terror alert in the UK think we need to try to put the unity back in community. #NEWDAYSTARTS


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