More Questions and simple thoughts

1.The disease of political correctness has run amok in our once great land. We must now show honour and at least make a last stand against it. #newdaystarts

2.maybe Labour councillors, police officers and possibly the police commissioner should be prosecuted for the massive failures in Rotherham

3.Fundamental purpose of public services to protect vulnerable. Rotherham massive failure. Prosecution perhaps more apposite than resignation#NewDayStarts

4.  Remember this is just one town imagine what the national figures are? – 1400 Children as young as 11 were trafficked, beaten, and raped by large numbers of men between 1997 and 2013 in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, the review into child protection revealed. #newdaystarts

5.Unbelievable too much PC B******* nowadays – A giant inflatable whale is inflated on a beach at Weston-super-Mare after it was banned from Hyde Park in London for being “too religious”. #newdaystarts

6.Progressive Islam is being battered to bits by #islamist fascists. Secular Muslims keep some strength, but they are under severe pressure.#newdaystarts

7.Appeasement in the West is a massive obstacle to taking action against#Islamists & #Islamism – many originate in the West now. Need anti-Islamism strategy that’s work’s. #Newdaystarts

8.Am i right in thinking Rotherham Council took Children away from caring foster parents for voting UKIP yet turned a blind eye to 1400 cases of child abuse. #justsaying #newdaystarts

 9.Ffs! How does a horrendous issue like #Rotherham get hijacked with people denying or spreading blame instead of looking for root causes?#newdaystarts10.The disease of political correctness has run amok in our once great land. We must now show honour and at least make a last stand against it.

11.Over 50% of Islam inspired terror attacks in past 10 yrs were instigated by people living in London at time. Vibrant multiculturalism eh? #newdaystarts12.Funny that the terror threat has been very publicly raised the same time#RotherhamAbuse has hit the news. #justsaying #newdaystarts

13.Notice how those trying to speak out against child rape were told they were being “unprofessional”. PC bullying ! #RotherhamAbuse #newdaystarts

14.The Authorities argue they pursued #Aysha King in best interests of child. Pity they didn’t protect #RotherhamAbuse children with same zeal.#newdaystarts

15.Both Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police have apologised and say they will implement Prof Jay’s recommendations #Panorama #tolittletolate

16.Another abused girl said the authorities tried to make her feel ashamed ‘and like it’s your fault, like I was a naughty child’ #Panorama #Rotherham


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