Anjem Choudary Who is the Islamist executioner indoctrinated in London by James Foley

It is based in London and ensures that lives under the rules of ” democracy “. He is a lawyer and promotes standards of Islamic sharia. It was he who sent the executioner James Foley to Syria

Anjem Choudary walk freely through the streets of London . Descendant of Pakistanis , was born in the UK in 1967 and now is a lawyer and an active preacher of radical Islam . Instill the faithful to follow and enforce the rules of the sharia , extreme religion law governing life, morals, customs and law practitioners.
However, Choudary quiet walks. He says complies with all mandates of democracy and acting within British law. ” I’m not doing anything out of the premises of freedom and democracy , “he said yesterday after being in the focus of Justice for being who sponsored the trip Abdul Majed Abdel-Bary . And he warned: ” I never dwell on propaganda of Islam . ” To deepen their thinking, it comes to light that this extremist does not believe in democracy, since for him the ” sovereignty belongs to God “and not the states. That thought is in line with the tenets of the Islamic State , the “preacher “touted in speeches and debates.
But the truth is that not only does ” Islam propaganda “, but also the Islamic State , the terrorist group that ruled their own caliphate and that Choudary adheres as a fan. Even your account ofTwitter , the ” preacher “gives lectures on this criminal gang that became the new number one enemy of the West.
Although not directly involved in terrorist attacks, it is believed that Choudary is behind several attacks around the world and not only in Syria and Iraq . The terrorist of Al Qaeda Habib Ahmedremains in prison and was part of the group nearest relative ” preacher “, who said that while some time and did not participate in its meetings. The same happened with Omar Bakri Muhammed , another nearby Islamic terrorist Choudary and his organization, now imprisoned in Lebanon . Along with it he founded a group called Al-Muhajiroun , a homophobic, anti-Semitic and pro-Islam group that links with other terrorist groups.
I do not control what young people do , “Choudary repeats with a macabre cynicism, but says he feels proud of them. Something similar happened with Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale , who on May 22, 2013 cruelly murdered British soldier Lee Rigby one day after he converted to Islam and be available to the teachings and discourses of his ” master “.
Like most new extremists, the use of social networks is one of the favorite tools of Choudary . And used the edge of illegality. Although there justifies the deaths of his rivals. ” I invite Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists, agnostics, etc. to embrace Islam and save themselves and their families from hellfire . “
The blind fanaticism ” preacher “does not end there. ” What Israeli Jews and their Christian friends in the United States and Great Britain should know is that Allah is with the Muslims and promised them victory! “. In this regard, it mocks the misfortune of their enemies: ” The difference is that our dead are in Paradise, while yours are in hell … Mourn not change that fact !!
The daring and provocative Choudary goes even further he suggested Secretary of ImmigrationDavid Cameron , Theresa May , to leave England if he did not like his statements. ” If Theresa May does not like what I say, maybe I should leave this country, and that my actions are in freedom and democracy . ” The truth is that the ” preacher “has a total contempt for women, and all those who follow and promote sharia . The former terrorist force women to wear the veil and drives implementation through stones at those who commit adultery. Perhaps a review coming from a woman is too much for your training.
The sharia law ever be in the UK “threatens Choudary .
Today, who is in the eye of all the research for his links with the executioner of American journalistJames Foley , denies having known him, nor his father, arrested in the United States for having links with Al Qaeda . ” Beyond what the media say, on the contrary, I never met the Sheik Adel Abdel Bary (Allah release him from prison) or his son Abdel-Majed “. His cynicism is the same as when others refused to terrorists.
Your double standards and teachings collide with the reality that Choudary hidden daily. In another of his utterances, points out the options they have for non-Muslims living in the caliphate decreed by the bloodthirsty Islamic State . ” Do not believe the propaganda Muslims are not killing women and children Non-Muslims are free to 1 embrace Islam,.. 2 obey the law, 3, go “. The hypocrisy of the ” preacher “is palpable does not say what happens to those who do not want to leave the place where they live since before there was religion that drives him, and what happens to those who do not make law.
Choudary also supports extremists of Lebanon , a country where Islamic State has tried to enter its northern border, although ejected by the regular army in that country of the Middle East . ” The regime is trying to run Lebanese Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammad to . ” Bakri is alleged to have participated in various terrorist attacks stopped. “the future of Lebanon is the implementation of sharia , this may be adopted by the Muslim authorities or by a blow status “threat.
The ” preacher “of London was also clear about several terrorist attacks around the world. In this regard, welcomed the attack on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001 . A executors he described as ” magnificent martyrs “. During an interview for the BBC in August 2005, Choudary called a ” crime against God not accept Islam . ” In the same interview said that never condemn a ” Muslim brother for what he does “, when asked about the attacks in London.
Choudary never condemn a terrorist attack. When asked about his position on the attacks around the world that are committed in the name of Islam eludes the question and questions about the responsibility of the West in this regard. It is one of the ways in which to keep in line with the laws of democracy and freedom enjoyed in London, but he is not willing to tolerate in the Middle East with its sharia .

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