Devon mosque leader “shocked as anyone” about James Foley killing

Exeter mosque is visited by Muslims from across Mid Devon

Exeter mosque is visited by Muslims from across Mid Devon

A LEADER of a Devon mosque has spoken of its shock at the video of the execution of American journalist James Foley, which was uploaded online on Tuesday evening.

The mosque, based in Exeter, is the closest of its kind to Tiverton and is visited by Muslims from across the Mid Devon area.

It opened its doors yesterday in a planned open day which hoped to bring all different people from within the community together.

Mohammad Abrar, Muslim chaplain at the mosque, said: “Our open day went very well. Many faces there were visiting for the first time and it is an important way of the local community getting to know each other and having that interaction.”

Mr Abrar spoke about the shock of the video which shows Mr Foley knelt down next to a masked man, his alleged killer, who speaks in a British accent.

The video was uploaded to the Islamic State’s YouTube account which has since been disabled.

Prime Minister David Cameron said he was shocked that a British citizen appeared to be involved with the killing of the journalist.

Mr Abrar said: “While we are a local organisation that doesn’t make statements about national matters, it is something that is as shocking to Muslims and those in our community as it is to anyone else.”

He added: “Matters like this are absolutely shocking but it is important to remember the majority of Muslims and peaceful and law-abiding people.”

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