‘You are not too young to die’: The British jihadists bidding to recruit boys as young as 15 on social media sites

Boasts: Jihadists fighting with terror squads in Iraq are using social networking sites to lure young Muslim teenagers from the UK into joining the Islamic State fanatics, such as British IS fighter Reyaad Khan seen posing with a man tied to railings

British jihadists fighting with terror squads in Iraq are using social networking sites to lure young Muslim teenagers from the UK into joining the Islamic State fanatics.

The extremists, who boast of ‘slaughtering’ innocent Yazidis and ‘taking their women as slaves’, are advising 15-year-olds that they are ‘not too young’ to die fighting for Allah.

Asked by a British 18-year-old girl if she is too young to join, one of them replied: ‘I know sisters younger than you. I heard of maybe 16-year-olds being here from UK. You aren’t too young.’

They are informing their British ‘brothers and sisters’ every day how to make their way to Iraq, claiming they are ‘ordered’ to defy their parents and fight jihad.

After one British teenager wrote of having a ‘bad feeling I can’t hack it there and my family will want me to come back’, British jihadist Abu Farris replied: ‘We’re all bros here. Trust me, don’t be scared. 15-year-olds can hack it bro, so why can’t you. It is from Allah.’

And the chilling posts reveal they are advising them down to the smallest detail on how to prepare for travelling to the region – from where to get guns and bulletproof vests to what trainers they should bring and how to avoid being bitten by bugs at night.

The revelations raise urgent questions for the security services over whether enough is being done to prevent the spread of radical Islamic  ideology among British teenagers.

Young British Muslims are now known to be among the IS terror squads besieging the area around Mount Sinjar where thousands of refugees are trapped, the Mail can reveal.

Intelligence officers have identified UK nationals as being part of the fanatical IS army that has swept across northern Iraq, carrying out a horrifying catalogue of medieval war crimes.

Before they fled: Jihadists Reyaad Khan and Nasser Muthana (circled) hand out food to the needy in Cardiff last year. Both have been tweeting about their involvement with IS while on the front line

Tweets from the frontline

The former Catholic college students have been joined on the frontline by young Muslim men and women from across the UK, including a group of five friends from Portsmouth, two of whom have already been killed.

Using Twitter, social media site  Ask.fm and smartphone apps, the jihadists are posting disturbing updates on their progress.

Uploads have included pictures of mass executions, beheadings, child soldiers and selfies with men captured and tied to railings in the oppressive heat. A British girl who has gone to Syria also posted a picture of herself in the area, wearing a niqab and with a gun by her side.

Some of the British jihadists command followers to ‘make hijrah’ – an Arabic term meaning emigration. They boast about what weapons they are using and offer advice on how to get into Syria and where to buy guns. If those messaging them appear  serious about joining IS, they send private messages on mobile apps Kik and Surespot, which they claim are encrypted and impossible for authorities to monitor.

It is thought about 500 British nationals have travelled to the region. United Nations War Crimes investigators said they are monitoring Islamic State online postings.

A spokesman for Twitter declined to comment last night. Ask.fm and Kik were unavailable for comment.

A spokesman for Surespot said: ‘Any technology has the potential for abuse by nefarious individuals.

‘For example, digital cameras can be used for child porn but they can also be used to take lovely pictures. Are we then to stop selling them?

‘In the same vein, are we supposed to give governments access to all of our private information?’

The Home Office said it is aware of the IS propaganda online and is working with social media companies to remove extremist material.

A spokesman added: ‘We do not tolerate the existence of online terrorist and extremist propaganda.

‘We work with the internet industry to remove terrorist material hosted in the UK or overseas.’ 

Three British militants call for others to join the fight in Iraq


Can I wear my Nike trainers? Are the bugs going to crawl on me in my sleep? The burning questions teenagers had for British jihadi

One British fighter, Abu Farris, took to  the website Ask.fm – criticised for failing to crack down on harmful content – to convince radicalised youths to join him. Here are some  of his slang-filled posts from his question-and-answer session: 

Q: Don’t you miss your mum? Why don’t you just be a British Muslim and live in peace?  A: Of course I miss my mum, I’ll see her in jannah [paradise] if Allah accepts me. Regardless of how we feel, its obligatory. This is more important than my family.

Q: Since u left have ur family been more understanding or confused?  A: To be honest, my family think IS  are extreme. They think I was brainwashed. By the grace of Allah I’m not upset. I know that if Allah accepts me I’ll intercede for them and show them who was right on judgment day.

Q: I have a bad feeling I can’t  hack it… A: Trust me, when ur here you will have ur brothers to talk to. Don’t be scared. 15-yr-olds can hack it bro, so why can’t you? Ask Allah for help.

Q: How much British have  you met over there?  A: So many. 

Q: Would you advise people going over to learn Arabic first?  A: You’ll pick it up here inshallah [God willing]. You can even study here.

Q: I’m 18. Do you know any  18-year-old sisters from the UK?  I think I am too young. A: I heard of maybe 16-year-olds being here from UK. You aren’t too young.

Q: Do u find a spouse in advance?  A: There are bros here that wanna get married and sisters out there that wanna get married. Just find a bro or a sis, thru friends or however.

Q: Are there gun stores there?  A: Yep, u can buy loads of stuff.

Q: Are bulletproof vests hard to get where you are? Would a person be better buying it in Turkey and then crossing over with it?  A: You can buy it here easily, like any random military store in Raqqah u’ll find it.. they’re like $100. 

Q: Do you use night vision goggles?  A: Of course, we even have spy planes.

Q: Are Nikes sufficient footwear? A: I brought one pair of Adidas high-tops. You’ll get what you need here. You won’t enter the battlefield unless ur kitted up and you have ammo etc.

Q: Are there a lot of bugs there? Like if I’m sleeping, are they gonna crawl on me? Sorry if this is a weird question. May Allah reward you. A: Nope inshallah, you’ll be fine. Even  if there was bugs, there’s those  bug eliminators. It’s not bad, only thing is mosquitoes really.

Q: Is there internet at your homes?  A: Sometimes your house can be  near an internet cafe so you can use internet from there.

Q: Are there jobs to be an executioner, like when you  capture kuffar [non-believers]?  A: Yep.

Q: How do you earn money?  A: We get ‘pocket money’ to spend, to look after your wife, buy some clothes etc.. they give us what’s necessary.

Q: Do I need to do a front-flip  during training?  Nope, training here isn’t as hard as u think. It’s more psychological training, like mentally training you.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2723346/Youre-not-young-die-British-jihadists-bid-recruit-boys-young-15-social-media-sites.html#ixzz3AML3RBov



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