Know Your Terror Flags

The Muslim Issue

Today we find a multitude of flags in the Muslim world. These have been carefully designed with colours and symbols to represent characteristics of the nation state. In Islam, they have not been given a choice concerning what type of flag to use even down to the colour. The shariah has specified the type of official flag the Khilafah will use and therefore they believe they cannot deviate from this.

Image: Syria is fighting heavily armed foreign-terrorists committing egregious, widespread atrocities under the banner of Al Qaeda. Here you see them posing with an Al-Qaeda flag.

Image: Typical use of jihadist flags is in rallies, but also as banners hung in the background in videos released by such groups. This example shows the beheading of Jack Hensley in September 2004. The flag shows the shahada in white, above a white circle surrounded by the name jamaa’tul tawhid…

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