Just sat here thinking about issues that we face..

1 – “No minority should be able to dictate the British government’s foreign policy.” #NewDayStarts

2 – Here’s a thought for you in America They are told NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics and encouraged TO judge ALL Gun Owners by the actions of a few lunatics!! #NewDayStarts

3 – Tell you all something ain’t Politicians ever so ‘courageous’ with their views and comments AFTER they have resigned from office. #JustSaying #Newdaystarts

4 – Why do the various Governments around the world relate to ISIS as forces of a ‘caliphate’? Ffs! That upgrades them to ‘heroes’ for some people.They are nothing but murderous terror-squads. #NewDayStarts

5 – #ISpeakOutBecause Ppl need to realise the bigger picture and not be blinded by hate & lack of knowledge of the issues we face #newdaystarts

6 – I know there are alot Muslims who are sick and disgusted by #ISIS, however on the hand, not one single Islamic org. has or will organize a protest against it. #newdaystarts

7 – Right not that long ago There was support in London for ISIS. Now reports are coming in of 500 buried alive in Iraq. So where is your condemnation!#justsaying #newdaystarts

8 – I Speak Out Because there are way too many people stay silent on issues that threaten our lives and liberty #NewDayStarts

9 – “Islamic Fundamentalism isn’t about religion, it’s all about power.”#newdaystarts

10 – Religious views shouldn’t be impressed on others Nor should we have religion involved in dictating law, politics or education #newdaystarts

11 – Religious fanaticism and Religious hatred are like a world-devouring fire, whose extreme violence no-one can quench. #newdaystarts

12 – Never be bullied into silence.Never allow yourself 2 be made a victim.Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself #NewDayStarts

14 – I saw in an article where Baroness Warsi said she was a “brown, working-class woman from the North.I bet that If I had described her as a brown working class woman from the North ,Chances are I’d probably end up in court for provoking racial tension. #NewDayStarts


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