Council for European-Palestinian Relations


The Council for European-Palestinian Relations (CEPR) is a lobby groupestablished to “facilitate dialogue and understanding between European, Palestinian and Arab parliamentarians and policy-makers”. Its Director is Arafat Shoukri, who is also the Chairman of the Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), an organisation considered by intelligence agencies to be a front for Hamas. Both the CEPR and the PRC are proscribed organisations in Israel.

In recent years, the CEPR has taken a number of European parliamentary delegations on trips to Arab countries, during which they met with representatives of such terrorist groups as Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command, as well as officials of the Syrian regime.

Two CEPR trustees have been identified as operatives of the clerical fascist Muslim Brotherhood. Anouar Gharbi has been, among other things, an officer of the Association de Secours Palestinien (ASP), a Swiss member organisation of the Hamas-funding Union of Good, which is headed by Muslim Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi and proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the US. Mazen Kahel was an officer of the Comité de Bienfaisance et de Secours aux Palestiniens (CBSP), also a member organisation of the Union of Good, which was itself designated by the US as a terrorist organisation in 2003.

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