Picture ‘shows revellers relieving themselves on London’s 7/7 memorial’

Disrespectful: the two festival-goers relieving themselves on the memorial

Just days after London’s 7/7 memorial was vandalised, a picture has emerged which appears to show to show two men relieving themselves on it.

It is believed the men had attended a Black Sabbath concert in Hyde Park last Friday when the photo was taken.

The pillars in Hyde Park are a memorial to the 52 victims who lost their lives in the bombings in 2005.

A photograph of the pair was uploaded to website Reddit. Users suggested they were not aware it was a memorial.

One wrote: “I’m not justifying their actions at all but do you reckon they even know this is the 7/7 memorial?

“I’ll be totally honest and admit that I didn’t even know there was one (probably because I’ve been to big bad London twice) and if I was blottoed [sic] and saw some convenient bollards I’d probably contemplate pissing on them before going to the trees.”

Another user sympathised and said: “Drunk people. When nature calls and you’re pretty tanked, you don’t much care what it is.

“Personally I could see drunk-me seeing it as an option. It’s not a sculpture which is clearly identifiable as something, looks just like a “three rectangles now it is art’ type of sculpture.”

A spokeswoman for the Royal Parks pleaded for people to respect Hyde Park and its memorials.

She said: “We ask all visitors to be respectful of their surroundings and considerate of other park users.”

The structure was defaced with graffiti reading “4 Innocent Muslims”, “Blair Lied Thousands Died” and “J7 truth” on Monday – the ninth anniversary of the bombings.

A massive clean-up operation took place to remove the messages before a memorial event took place at the structure later that day.

Survivor Jacqui Putnam, 63, said of the graffiti: “I find it very distressing. It will hurt all the families of the victims.”

A police spokesman said urinating in public is considered an offence and can be punishable with a fine under the 1986 Public Order Act.

Drunken student Philip Laing caused public outrage when he urinated up a war memorial in Sheffield in 2009 and was ordered to 250 hours community service.

via – http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/picture-shows-revellers-relieving-themselves-on-londons-77-memorial-9594619.html



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