‘Take jihadist families to court’, says MP

TOUGH new terror laws that force relatives of British jihadists to report their loved ones or face prosecution should be introduced, the Government has been told.

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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi gives a sermon in the city of Mosul [IG]

Conservative MP Mark ­Pritchard wants families to be punished if they fail to report someone who has either gone or returned from ­fighting abroad.

He claims their first duty should be to “uphold the law of the land” to reduce the risk of extremists launching a terror attack on ­mainland Britain.

His remarks came as a video was released of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of jihadist militant group ISIS, emerging from hiding to address the first Friday prayers of Ramadan in Mosul in northern Iraq. Al-Baghdadi said the Islamic world would be returned to ­“dignity, might, rights and leadership” under his command.

The majority of family members of so-called returning jihadists are probably unaware of their families’ involvement but for the minority that are, their first duty should be to uphold the law of the land

Mark ­Pritchard, Tory MP

Mr Pritchard, a member of the UK’s Joint Committee on National Security Strategy, wants Home Secretary Theresa May to ­introduce the new law as part of emergency counterterrorism measures to combat the threat posed by extremists returning from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Kenya and Somalia.

He told the Sunday Express: “There is a substantial and increased risk from British citizens returning from conflicts abroad and every legislative avenue should be explored to reduce the risk to our national security.

“The majority of family members of so-called returning jihadists are probably unaware of their families’ involvement but for the minority that are, their first duty should be to uphold the law of the land and to ensure there is no danger to communities through possible terrorism in mainland Britain.

“These relatives, if they are not inclined to report family members going abroad to prepare for acts of terrorism, should be incentivised to do so, or penalised for not doing so, and this change in the law would act as that incentive and deterrent. The legislation should be wide-ranging, far-reaching and provide the maximum security.”

Mr Pritchard will make the demand in the Commons during Home Office questions tomorrow.

Last week the Sunday Express revealed a suspected terrorist, who had been monitored 24 hours a day by security services, was telling young Britons to fight abroad.

The revelations were described as being “serious” and “important” when raised in Parliament on Thursday by Shadow home office minister Diana ­Johnson.

She called for a debate on the additional powers needed to deal with “radicalised young people who have been fighting jihad in Syria and Iraq”.

Meanwhile, an MP has warned that the Government has ­“massively underplayed” the number of British Muslims waging jihad in the Middle East because it knows many of them plan to come back and attack the UK.

Labour MP Khalid Mahmood believes up to 2,000 had travelled to fight in Syria and Iraq – four times the commonly reported number.

He said that the Border Agency lacked the expertise to deal with returning jihadis who had been brainwashed by ISIS propaganda.

Mr Mahmood said: “I’m basing my figures on a conservative estimate of about 500 or 600 men going out to these regions every year.

“The first wave that went across included a lot of British Syrians and British Kurds. They were the so?called freedom fighters who had family and friends in Syria and who went out there to exact revenge on a ­tyrannical leader.

“They were followed by British Muslims, predominantly with South Asian origins but quite a few from Somalia. The Government is massively underplaying the numbers.”

via – http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/487038/Jihadist-Jihadi-Family-MP-Houses-of-Parliament-House-of-Commons-British



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