Shocking footage shows thug hurl abuse and throw a chair at Indian restaurant owner

Terrifying footage has emerged of a Queensland restaurant owner’s family and staff being racially abused by a man.

In video aired on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, a man is seen storming into Indian Mehfil restaurant in Ipswich, west of Brisbane, while hurtling abuse at the people inside.

The restaurant’s owner Raj Sharma is seen calling the police on his mobile phone and trying to diffuse the situation before the man’s friend pulls him away.

Indian Mehfil's owner Raj Sharma tries to shield his staff and family from the man as he storms in on Tuesday afternoon

But before he leaves, the man picks a chair and hurls it through the restaurant’s entrance on Brisbane St – one of the main streets in the city.

Mr Sharma told MailOnline it was the not first time he and his staff have been racially abused, but this was the the first time it had involved his family.

The incident escalated after a group of young people started racially abusing his two children, aged 6 and 8, who were playing outside.

They ran into the restaurant to tell their mother before she went out to investigate. The group then started abusing her.

The man is then seen abusing and gesturing aggressively at people inside the restaurant. At one point he says 'I'll f**cking deck you'

Mr Sharma says his wife and children were spat on during the tirade that took place at the Ipswich Indian restaurant

Hardworking family are victims in a shocking racial attack

Mr Sharma said they told his family to ‘go back to their own country’ and called them ‘f**king curry munchers’.

He said the group of young people also spat on his wife and children during the attack.

‘It’s terrifying what is happening,’ Mr Sharma said.

‘(The man) looked like he wasn’t in control of what he was saying at the time.’

Tuesday’s incident follows the bashing of Indian Mehfil’s chef and the stabbing of its manager last week.

Both of which Mr Sharma believes were racially motivated.

‘This needs to stop. They need to be thrown out of the city,’ Mr Sharma told A Current Affair.

The restaurant owner said he would now be hiring security guards to ensure the safety of his staff and family.

Before he left their attacker picks up a chair and prepares to hurl it through the entrance
Before he left their attacker picks up a chair and prepares to hurl it through the entrance
After that the man is dragged away by a friend

Queensland’s Minister for Multiculturalism Glen Elmes and Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale have both condemned the attack.

‘The government takes this kind of racial abuse very seriously,’ Mr Elmes said.

Mayor Pisasale sent out a stern warning to those responsible for the attacks.

‘I’m going to tell those people we’re going to catch you and tell them the court’s going to deal with you and we’re going to show the rest of Australia we’re not going to tolerate any stupid behaviour in this city,’ he said.

Queensland Police have charged a 22-year-old and 20-year-old man in relation to the incident.

The first man, from Leichhardt, has been charged with public nuisance and the second man, from Bundamba, has been charged with violent behaviour.

Both will appear at Ipswich Magistrates Court on July 16.

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