My hijab has lost me job opportunities

Are employers unfairly biased against Muslims? Watch video on link below

Ainee Fatima joins Caroline of the Huffington Post to talk about how her hijab has prevented her from pursuing certain job opportunities.

Ainee says: ‘Much of my resume features work for religious groups so it gets hard applying for jobs. I also wish I could leave out my name from my resume.’

In a recent study, researchers discovered that employers are less likely to respond to a job application if it includes evidence of membership in a faith group. And it appears the faith group employers least want to engage is Islam.

The study sent fake applications to employers adding different religious details – Catholic, evangelical Christian, atheist, Jewish, Muslim, pagan, and ‘Wallonian’ (a fictitious religion) as well as a group of CVs without any religious affiliation. Applicants expressing any religious identification had 19 percent fewer overall contacts than the applicants from the non-religious control group. Muslims however had 32 percent fewer contacts.

Fatima says: ‘Discrimination is very real. Most college students are involved in religious-based groups so how can you not put that on your resume?’

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