Neighbours ‘shocked’ at British Jihad video

The family of the man identified by Isis as ‘Brother Muthanna al Yemeni – from Britain’ described his involvement as ‘heartbreaking.’ Credit: YouTube

Neighbours near the parental home of the British man who has appeared in a Jihadist recruitment video were eager to comment about his kind-hearted and well mannered nature.

One neighbour told ITV News:

“I have known them as long as I can remember. We grew up, went to the same primary school together and always played together.

Nasser was always the sensible one, he was always mature and cool headed. Me and the others would get up to mischief and he would set us straight.

He never used to go out much, always stayed in the house and was polite, friendly and helpful to anyone. Especially his neighbours. He would be first to get up for others on the bus.

The boys were always close to their religion and devoted. They where always on time for prayer. I believe people outside the local community might of influenced them to take more a radical approach to Islam.

I am shocked that they have gone and shocked by the video I have seen. It doesn’t seem like Nasser. We used to play fight and he would giggle and never fight back properly. He could not hurt anyone.”

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