A pebble in the shoe of British elites

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson, 31 years old, And is a pebble in the shoe of British elites. This 5 foot 6 Englishman, seems to appear a threat to them, according the ways the have used to prevent him from spotting the cleaned image.

            This man has some trouble his background as a typical football working-class fan. He became famous in the spring 2009: in his town of Luton, the parade celebrating the return of the troops from Afghanistan was disturbed by extremist Muslims who would shout outrageous words at the soldiers (like “English soldiers, burn in hell” and so on). A video shows Tommy Robinson running on his own at them and punching one of them before being arrested.

            The man then went on to organise a demonstration against the islamization of the country. The English Defence League (EDL) is born. The organisation is obviously going to be presented in a negative way by main stream media, who will be quick to point out Robinson’s trouble background, and the rough attitude of quite a few of his, whom Robinson tries to canalize.

            Main stream media are going to try to demonize the movement, and invite Robinson to debate. To their surprise, he speaks rather well, and even better and better. The man has charisma and enthusiasm. Furthermore, he learns. He becomes wiser, remaining firm in his commitments. He convinces.

            And the end of a debate with a well known Muslim, Mo Ansar, they both are offered to go follow each other during a few weeks to make a documentary of that experience. It will be called “When Tommy met Mo”. Agreed! The documentary is made as planned.

            Meanwhile, at the beginning of October 2013, Robinson decided to leave the EDL, alleging that he could not control some racist people within the organisation, as he himself was never a racist.

            The documentary is being broadcasted 2 weeks later on BBC, which shows Robinson as a genuine man, respectful of others, whereas Ansar appears not reliable in his words and attitude. Robinson’s popularity is immediate.

            Last January, Robinson was judged for mortage fraud: he lent some money to a relative (before he set up the EDL). The relative could present that money as his and be granted a mortgage from a bank. Money was later on paid back. Nobody suffered any loss. Robinson is sentenced 18 months of prison.

            He just was released from prison on 11th of June, after almost 5 months, with a tag and some restrictions to his freedom, such as … absolute prohibition of any contact with any member of the EDL, which has nothing related (in theory) to the reason of his detention. And which tends to confirm that this extraordinary harsh sentence was on political motivation. And that the aim was silencing a voice which is becoming too popular.

            Just understand, Mr Robinson: you are not part of the club of the elites of the country. Keep silent, Mr Robinson, you are becoming too dangerous for our position.



  1. Wonderful Ric, Just Wonderful.
    The powers that be have forgotten one thing & that is they should never underestimate the strength,commitment & sheer will of the people, not the elites, the wealthy, or the powerful, but the strength,commitment & sheer will of the everyday peoples of this World.
    I know they know that we are many, far more of us than there are of them.
    We are great in numbers, our numbers far extend the filthy money that these parasites have sold their morals & their soles for.
    Hence the lies, the intimidation, false flags & all the other bullshit these cretins inflict on us.
    Together I believe we are invincible, we really just need to believe this & in ourselves.
    As you said Ric, Tommy is a pebble, a cute pebble (hasn’t hurt one bit, as far as we ladies are concerned) that when he threw himself into that cesspool of extreme islamic hateful protesting, has made a ripple that is continuing to ripple not only in the UK but all around the world.
    Bravo Ric & God Bless Our Mr Tommy Robinson & Every Single Like Minded Person that Felt the Same Way & Who has Stood By & Supported this Fight for Life, Liberty & the Right to Protect Their Own Culture, History, Liberties & Freedoms from Who Ever Is Threatening this God Given Right.


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