Police warn radicalisation will not be tolerated in Slough after extremist group kicked out of community centre

AN EXTREMIST group has been banned from meeting at a community centre with police warning they will not tolerate radicalisation that could threaten the town’s strong community cohesion.



Live Audio recording of UK cops  STOP ISLAMIC LECTURE –  

Supt Simon Bowden: “We take seriously any concerns about the spread of violent extremism and those who seek to radicalise.”


The group was kicked out of Chalvey Community Centre during an operation by police and council officers on Tuesday night.

The group had been meeting there for two months and is made up of between 15 to 25 people, mainly from outside Slough. They are alleged to have links to suspected terrorist organisations Al Mahajiroun or Muslims Against Crusades (MAC).

Both are proscribed under the Terrorism Act 2000.

Superintendent Simon Bowden, Slough Local Police Area Commander, said: “Tuesday’s activities highlight the force’s commitment to intervening in activities which are causing concerns within the local community of Slough.

“We work closely with our partners at the council and local residents and take seriously any concerns about the spread of violent extremism and those who seek to radicalise.

“Both Thames Valley Police and Slough Borough Council are committed to protecting communities from organisations which may seek to exploit them for extremist purposes.”

Letters banning the group from all council premises were handed out. Officers said they left peacefully and no arrests were made.

The police said the operation was not enforcement activity, but about effective community engagement, added: “This activity is not about criminalising a particular faith or section of the community.”

Future bookings of the group have been cancelled.

Rob Anderson, leader of the council, said: “Groups with extreme views are not tolerated in Slough – not by us, not by the police and not by our residents.

“Though we are unhappy this group chose Slough to meet, we are committed to working with police to disrupt any activities by groups like this in our buildings especially when it is illegal or likely to cause divisions in our community.”

He added: “Slough is proud of its long-standing tradition of strong community cohesion. We do not welcome organisations or activities which undermine that tradition.”

Al Mahajiroun and MAC are proscribed organisations under section three of the Terrorism Act 2000 and membership of either group constitutes an offence. Cooperation with such an organisation via attendance or other activity may also constitute a criminal offence.

Via –  http://www.sloughobserver.co.uk/news/slough/articles/2014/06/18/101220-police-warn-radicalisation-will-not-be-tolerated-in-slough-after-alleged-extremist-group-kicked-out-of-community-centre/


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  1. Great. So now we can stop people from holding private meetings and expressing their beliefs. I wonder who else this odd new remit might be used on? Weimar here we come.


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