The killer of the Jewish museum of Brussels, (a Frenchman) : really?


Mehdi Nemmouche, a 29 years old Frenchman, is suspected of killing 4 people in the Jewish Museum in Brussels on 24th May 2014. The man is supposed to have gone to Syria in 2013, likely to join Jihad. Several writers of the site Boulevard Voltaire, including myself, stressed the deadly threat represented by the radicalised youngsters gone to Syria and trained to war. It was not long until one of those psychopaths would step up to murder.

French government, as ridiculous as often, standing before hand against the problem with interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve. In a tweet of 26th of May, quickly famous, speaks in direction of these lost youngsters: “To the youngsters who go to Syria, I want to tell that there are 1,000 causes to fight within Republic, for France”. This transcendental speech would more than likely prevented Mr Merah [the islamist killer of few French soldiers and then of schoolboys in Toulouse, France, in 2012] and likewise people to give up their plans! Even more that, from now on, French government has put a free telephone line to call to help would-be jihadists to change their minds.

Such a bad joke! Crazy!

Jihadists have nothing to do with Republic, or with France. They don’t feel French. They hate France and its culture and do not bother with the good universalist intentions of all French ministers.

It is funny that comments about Nemmouche in main stream media were, as often, marked with euphemisms. The suspect is presented as a Frenchman, originated from Roubaix (a town in North of France). His former sollicitor, Mrs Soulifa Badaoui, spoke indugently on TV as a young man “bright and clever, respectful of rules and of the others, of his barrister, and of the judges”. The psychiatrist expert who had assessed him in a previous case of criminal offence considered even that he presented “a level of intelligence slightly superior to average”. Soon, we will be explained that who must be blamed are society and the naughty French people who did not grant him chances in life. Islam has nothing to do with that, nor has the total failure to integrate foreign populations …

That culture of excuse has lasted far long enough. We have had enough. No French person is responsible for these fanatic killers, nor France. It is time to state that legal identity has nothing to do with real and living identity. Mehdi Nemmouche has only a French passport. Nothing else is French in him.



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